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Northwestern BBQ Sauce

Northwestern BBQ Sauce
June 30, 2014 Kyle Hildebrant
Northwestern BBQ Sauce in Cup


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  1. michaeltang27 8 years ago

    nice post..i genuinely laughed a few times. do you normally weigh out your spices? or just eyeball it o.o

  2. michaeltang27 8 years ago

    Thanks for that! I have a scale I use for baking; it measures in grams in terms of accuracy. What’s that one saying? Cooking is philosophy unless its baking then its chemistry or something. But for a sauce like this you’re definitely right.

    Despite that I should get in the habit of using that especially since I’m looking to finish my curing chamber soon..first project coppa! or maybe the pancetta you posted if I don’t have time to finish up the chamber soon.

  3. jeremy naquin 8 years ago

    Like this recipe

  4. Dave Manchester 8 years ago

    I tried this BBQ sauce recipe today & loved it. I didn’t use the liquid smoke as I had it with smoked pulled pork & it worked a treat. I always enjoy reading the posts on this blog.

  5. deno johnson 7 years ago

    The story says “Tomatoes come first, followed by the sour of mustard”. I don’t see any mustard added in this recipe. Was it left out or not used in the Northwestern Barbecue Sauce.

    • Author
      Kyle Hildebrant 7 years ago

      Ha! You’re right. Somehow the mustard was omitted from the recipe here. Let me dig that up and update. Thanks for pointing that out.

  6. Len 7 years ago

    So, 8 months have gone by and still NO mustard. Which is right: the story or the recipe? AND, are your tomatoes soley within the ketchup?

  7. FiveBark 6 years ago

    Hi – love the website. This recipe seems to have been replaced with the text ‘3p8wlxo9bz’. Thanks!

    • Author
      Kyle Hildebrant 6 years ago

      Sorry. Working on fixing this. Looks like a hack happened a bit back. Still trying to roll back some of the recipes.

      • FiveBark 6 years ago

        Thanks for looking into it!

  8. Norcino 5 years ago

    Any progress on the recipe? Is it anywhere else?

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