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Northwestern BBQ Sauce

Northwestern BBQ Sauce
June 30, 2014 Kyle Hildebrant
Northwestern BBQ Sauce in Cup


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  1. michaeltang27 3 years ago

    nice post..i genuinely laughed a few times. do you normally weigh out your spices? or just eyeball it o.o

  2. michaeltang27 3 years ago

    Thanks for that! I have a scale I use for baking; it measures in grams in terms of accuracy. What’s that one saying? Cooking is philosophy unless its baking then its chemistry or something. But for a sauce like this you’re definitely right.

    Despite that I should get in the habit of using that especially since I’m looking to finish my curing chamber soon..first project coppa! or maybe the pancetta you posted if I don’t have time to finish up the chamber soon.

  3. jeremy naquin 2 years ago

    Like this recipe

  4. Dave Manchester 2 years ago

    I tried this BBQ sauce recipe today & loved it. I didn’t use the liquid smoke as I had it with smoked pulled pork & it worked a treat. I always enjoy reading the posts on this blog.

  5. deno johnson 2 years ago

    The story says “Tomatoes come first, followed by the sour of mustard”. I don’t see any mustard added in this recipe. Was it left out or not used in the Northwestern Barbecue Sauce.

    • Author
      Kyle Hildebrant 2 years ago

      Ha! You’re right. Somehow the mustard was omitted from the recipe here. Let me dig that up and update. Thanks for pointing that out.

  6. Len 12 months ago

    So, 8 months have gone by and still NO mustard. Which is right: the story or the recipe? AND, are your tomatoes soley within the ketchup?

  7. FiveBark 2 weeks ago

    Hi – love the website. This recipe seems to have been replaced with the text ‘3p8wlxo9bz’. Thanks!

    • Author
      Kyle Hildebrant 5 days ago

      Sorry. Working on fixing this. Looks like a hack happened a bit back. Still trying to roll back some of the recipes.

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